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At SunTec Auto Glass, we are experts in windshield replacement and auto glass repair! Our job is to keep you and your family safe. Our professional installers are NGA, and AGRSS certified in the installation of auto glass and corrosion treatment and prevention. Additionally, our auto glass installers are committed to meeting the top-tier safety standards these certifications require. We provide services for all vehicles makes and models. We can work with classic and vintage Cars as well as Trucks, Vans RV's and Motorhomes. We also have an extensive knowledge of electric, solar, and hybrid vehicles. No matter what you drive in the greater Phoenix area, such as Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and Glendale, we can help you!

Our windshield repair and auto glass replacement technicians at SunTec Auto Glass are available to come to your home or place of business, even on Saturdays! This service helps take the hassle out of the auto glass repair or glass replacement process. We can handle your auto insurance paperwork in house as well, saving you time and headaches. Schedule an appointment with us to benefit from our expert, stress-free auto glass service.

SunTec Auto Glass Can Help You!

SunTec Auto Glass

At SunTec Auto Glass serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and Glendale, to name a few, we make sure our technicians have achieved the highest level of certification possible for windshield repair and auto glass replacement. As a result, our technicians are prepared to repair your windshield or replace any piece of glass for your vehicle. From the east valley to the west valley, we take care of your auto glass repair and auto glass replacement needs. Whether you need a windshield replaced or a side window repaired, we can come to you. We are a mobile auto glass company and will repair and replace your windshield along with your back glass, door glass, quarter glass, vent glass, and more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Auto Glass Repair

Try Windshield Repair as a Cost Effective Alternative to Replacement

Attention Drivers: Never operate your vehicle with an unsafe windshield!SunTec Auto Glass

Your windshield is not a simple, relatively unimportant feature of your car, merely protecting you from just the elements. It is actually a very important piece, vital to ensuring that your car is safe to drive and providing important support for your roof. Contact SunTec Auto Glass today!

Your windshield is just as important as your seat belts and airbags.

Are you aware that there are many "do-it-yourself" windshield repair kits available online; we do not recommend using "do-it-yourself" repair kits. Using those windshield repair kits may result in flimsy, unreliable repairs, and we know it is not worth risking your family's safety. At SunTec Auto Glass, we provide professional windshield repairs, and in most cases, we can do them for free!

The general rule of thumb in determining whether your windshield needs repairing or a full replacement is by examining the size and placement of the chip. If the chip in your windshield is smaller than a dollar bill and does not obstruct the driver's vision, you can most likely go with a windshield repair. If the chip in your windshield is larger than a dollar bill and in the driver's line of site, you should consider a windshield replacement. Our technicians at SunTec Auto Glass can help you determine what is best for you based on your particular case. They can also make sure distortion will not be an issue and that you windshield's inner Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) layer has not been penetrated or compromised.

Benefits of Repair:

  • In Most Cases, Insurance Deductible is Waived
  • More Cost Effective Than Replacement (Cash Price)
  • Repair Time: 15 Minutes for Each Chip
  • Drive-Away Time: Immediately After Repair


  • Blemishes Still Apparent, Though Spreading is Prevented
  • In Most Cases, Insurance Coverage is Limited to a Maximum of 3 Chips or a Crack up to 6 Inches in Length
  • Structural Integrity of Windshield May be Compromised

Windshield Replacement

A Good Windshield Can Save Your Life

SunTec Auto Glass

Windshield replacements are more serious than normal car maintenance. Your windshield is a vital part of your vehicles safety. In fact, in the event of a rollover accident, your windshield helps support the roof of your car. Calling the first auto glass company nearest you in the event of a windshield issue is not always the best solution. Instead, contact our experienced team at SunTec Auto Glass serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona area so we can come to you!

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration released the following information: more than 12,000 people die every year or are critically injured after being ejected from a vehicle during a rollover accident. The National Glass Association (NGA) has confirmed that a significant percentage of those fatalities occur because the windshield does not remain firmly bonded to the pinchweld. The percentage is probably higher since not all cases are documented. How seriously are you taking the safety of your vehicle's windshield?

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